…Our Local Communities Are Important To Us…

At LiveLife Pharmacy, we’re deeply committed to giving back and supporting the incredible efforts of local community groups, charities, and support organisations. That’s why we created the LiveLife Community Support Program, a heartfelt initiative designed to provide vital assistance to those who tirelessly uplift our community.

Since its inception, our program has made a substantial impact, contributing over $610,000 to various causes.

Here’s how it works:

Each month, funds generously donated by our network of local LiveLife Pharmacies are distributed among selected groups. These funds serve as a vital resource, empowering these organizations to further their impactful missions.

But here’s what sets our program apart: the power lies in the hands of our community members and customers. When you make a purchase at LiveLife Pharmacy, you hold the opportunity to make a difference. Every purchase grants you a vote—a chance to advocate for the group you believe deserves the majority of the monthly donation.

We believe in inclusivity and welcome all local community charities, schools, and sporting groups to participate in this enriching opportunity. The process is simple: interested organisations can apply through the link below, filling out an application form. It’s our way of ensuring that every worthy cause gets the chance to benefit from this program.


Join us in fostering a stronger, more vibrant community. Together, through the LiveLife Pharmacy Community Support Program, we’re making a real, lasting impact where it matters most.