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Heart Health Check
Cardiovascular health check consist of
– Cardiovascular Risk Factor Questionnaire
– AUSDRISK Diabetes Questionnaire
– Measurement of your Blood Pressure
Did you know that LiveLife Pharmacies offer FREE blood pressure checks?
When it comes to high blood pressure (hypertension), your heart can’t always let you know when something is wrong and often there are no symptoms. Left unchecked, it may lead to serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure so it’s important to ensure you monitor it on a regular basis.
Just pop into the pharmacy at any time and our friendly team members can quickly and easily measure your blood pressure and provide advice on simple lifestyle changes that can help improve your overall heart health.
Cost Free
Appointment required N/A
Service available at All pharmacies
In-Pharmacy Personalised Medicine Review
Are you confused about Your Medications?
Not sure about their side effects?
Do you have unanswered questions?
Our pharmacist can review your medications, discuss any concerns you may have and provide you with a written report afterwards to help you achieve the best health.
Cost Free
Appointment required Yes – if single pharmacist store
Service available at Available at all pharmacies
Sleep Apnoea Risk Assessment
Did you know Sleep Apnoea affects 3 in 10 men and almost 1 in 5 women and many of them are not yet diagnosed?
Sleep Apnoea occurs when a person’s throat is partially or completely blocked while they are asleep.
Assessment involves answering a few health and lifestyle questions along with completing the Epworth Sleepiness Questionnaire. This final score will indicate if you should complete a home sleep test.
Cost Initial assessment – FREE. Home sleep test $100.
Appointment required Yes
Service available at Participating stores only
Screening for Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in Australia, although many cases remain undiagnosed.
The Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment questionnaire (AUSDRISK) is used to assess risk of undiagnosed diabetes. The score from the questionnaire will indicate if there is a need for a blood glucose test to be performed. The blood Glucose test can be performed in selected pharmacies or via referral to a Doctor.
Appointment required N/A
Service available at Available at all pharmacies
Dosage Administration Aids
Do you worry if you’re taking the right medication, the right dose, at the right time?
You may benefit from our medication packing service, where our pharmacists conveniently pack your medications for you on a weekly basis.
Cost Charges apply, promotional pricing available
Appointment required N/A
Service available at Available at most pharmacies
Vaccinations – Flu Vaccinations and selected Travel vaccinations
For your Annual Flu Vaccination (available to adults and children 10 years and older) without a prescription please speak to our accredited pharmacists instore.
In-pharmacy vaccination consists of completion of pre-screening consent and recording and then administration of vaccination. Depending on the vaccination given you may be required to wait in the pharmacy for 15mins after the vaccination.
Cost Charges apply
Appointment required N/A
Service available at Participating stores only
Home Medicine Review
A Home Medicine Review is a collaboration between the consumer and their health care providers and aims to improve health outcomes for consumers and promote the quality use of medicines.
A GP or Pharmacist will identify if a customer would benefit from a Home Medicine Review. The review is provided by an accredited HMR pharmacist in your home. At the completion of the review the Pharmacist will forward the report onto the GP.
Appointment required Yes
Service available at Available at all pharmacies