COVID-19 Vaccine Information

As part of the National Vaccine rollout plan for COVID-19, LiveLife Pharmacy will be joining a number of leading Australian community pharmacies in providing the COVID-19 Vaccine to the public.

The Australian Government is committed to slowing the spread of COVID-19 through a number of initiatives, including making the COVID-19 Vaccine available to all Australian adults. Initially vaccines will be delivered through vaccination clinics run by states and territories. As the rollout continues, the COVID-19 Vaccine will also be available through other sites including community pharmacies, such as your local LiveLife Pharmacy. The COVID-19 Vaccine will be delivered to various priority groups initially, and then will be available to the rest of the population as part of the rollout’s second phase. The Government currently estimates that the vaccine will be available to the broader Australian population around May 2021.

COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

Who will receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Every Australian adult will be able to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. The Australian Government has developed a National COVID-19 Vaccine rollout plan that will initially prioritise making the vaccine available to quarantine, border and front-line health workers as well as aged care and disability workers and their residents as Phase 1. Phase 2a includes older adults, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other critical and high risk workers. Then, in Phase 2b, the balance of the Australian population will have access to the vaccine. More information about the various phases can be found here and in the Australian Government’s video below.
How much does the COVID-19 Vaccine cost?
The COVID-19 Vaccine will be free for everyone living in Australia. However, some groups of people will have access to the COVID-19 Vaccine earlier than others. Read more about how the COVID-19 Vaccine will be distributed here
Do I need to get a prescription for the COVID-19 Vaccine?
No, you do NOT need a prescription from a GP to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine.
Is the COVID-19 Vaccine safe?
The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is responsible for assessing all Australian Vaccinations, including the COVID-19 Vaccine, before they can be used in Australia. They administer a rigorous 6 stage approval process to all vaccinations and will only register a vaccine if its benefits are much greater than its risks. The most up to date information about COVID-19 Vaccine testing can be found here
How does the COVID-19 Vaccine work in your body?
The COVID-19 Vaccine works like other vaccines, such as the flu shot, by strengthening your immune system and training it to recognise and fight against the virus that causes COVID-19. Watch the informative video below and read more here.
When can I receive COVID-19 Vaccine?
The Australian Government currently estimates the COVID-19 Vaccine will be available to the broader Australian population in May 2021. However, priority groups will have access to the vaccine before this. For more information click here
Where can I find out more information about the COVID-19 Vaccine?
The Australian Government’s Department of Health website has the latest news, key facts and figures, contacts and is a great up-to-date source of COVID-19 Vaccine information.
The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website has the most up to date information about COVID-19 Vaccine testing.

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